Clean Stream Environmental Consultants, also known as CSEC is an established environmental consultancy based in Pretoria and has been a successful company since its inception in 1998. The company has grown into a respected and trusted role-player in the environmental consulting business. Clean Stream Environmental Consultants offers specialist expertise in addressing environmental liabilities through detailed environmental investigations, sensible monitoring, reporting and consultation with relevant role-players. All our scientific services and reporting are rendered according to prescribed procedures to ensure compliance with the applicable environmental regulations and standards.

CSEC is committed to safety and quality and will apply these principles of management to ensure that it makes its full contribution to the successful, environmentally acceptable and cost effective completion of projects. Our business philosophy is based on personal service and close co-operation with our clients.

CSEC’s main focus area of expertise is in the compilation of Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Programme (EMP) applications, Water Use Licence Applications, Basic Assessments, Scoping Studies, EMP compliance auditing / performance assessments, compliance auditing of water and waste management systems as well as rehabilitation planning, design and implementation.

CSEC also provide a wide range of specialist environmental services through the use of established subcontractors for the following services; geohydrological assessments, vegetation assessments, soil-, land use and land capability assessments, hydrological assessments, environmental civil engineering studies, biodiversity studies, toxicity analyses, biomonitoring, etc. Our clients include the larger role-players in the South African mining industry but also other industries, government, consultants and developers.


The culture of an organization is often established by its founding members but it is important to open the way for young leaders in the management of and shareholding in the business. CSEC is now managed by its young leaders that were hand-picked over many years and who took over the responsibility, beliefs and culture of the company to lead it forward.

CSEC is currently managed by two directors and shareholders, which are Blanché Postma and Natalie Lubbe. Both are passionate about the environment, and are personally involved with the projects. Blanché has been working in the environmental and water management industry since 1996 and is the Managing Director. Natalie started her career in environmental management at CSEC in 2008, and became a Director in 2015.


CSEC is an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) in terms of the requirements of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003. Therefore CSEC is considered to be a level four BEE contributor.


CSEC has close associations with other Clean Stream Companies.

These are;